Frizz is an independently run online platform for celebrating, inspiring, sharing & growing.

Send us something you’ve made that you’re proud of. Maybe it’s a comic, a painting, a set of photographs, or an illustration. You could send us something you’ve written that you want to get off your chest, whether it’s a poem, a piece of fiction, or a diary entry. Talk about a great book that opened your mind to something, a film that made you excited about living, or a playlist that makes you feel like you can conquer the world.

Frizz is here for you to share your work and your passions, no matter who you are, or how rubbish you might feel that you are sometimes. It’s a platform for anyone who has ideas and creativity and wants to splurge it out into the world.

You can submit any visual pieces to, or any written pieces via our Submit page.

On top of this, Frizz is somewhere you can feel free to visit when you’re in a rut and are looking for some inspiration yourself, whether that’s through seeing other cool young creatives like you doing their thang, finding a new book or musician you can relate to, or by reading a piece of writing that opens your mind and reminds you how much of a cool badass person you are. In that case, you can send us a message here with anything you’d like us to touch upon.

Frizz was founded by this chick called Rosie Smith (thats me) in 2018. I like writing, drawing, early 00’s pop music and fish finger sandwiches. I graduated with a degree in Photography in July 2018, and in doing so, realised that there were about 1000 more things I wanted to try outside of the comfort zone of my camera. I decided to create this website as the kind of thing I could have really done with during my three years of university. You can follow me on instagram here, see my portfolio here and learn more about the origins of Frizz here :-)