Hope's Haven: Girl power & creativity

Hope's Haven: Girl power & creativity

Let’s chat creativity. 

This mag has such a beautifully wondrous focus on what it means to find your passions. I say passions plural cos I think it’s silly to limit yourself to just the one. 

I’ve got a few. Writing, singing, painting, poetry, shopping for incredibly cheap and jazzy coats. I think they’re all equal because in some way or another, they all inspire something in other people. From “your poem really touched me, thank you for writing it” all the way to “thank you for introducing me to that charity shop, I now own a huge coat that makes me feel like I’ve left the house wearing my duvet”. 

Creativity does more than inspire, of course. But how cool is it that we can make other people think, “wow, I’d love to do/wear/say/be that”? 

Not all gals have the desire to be creative. I want to make it very clear at the beginning of my chat, that THIS IS OKAY. Not all of us identify with creativity or feel that it enriches our character. I think redefining what it means to be creative is key here. Creativity doesn’t have to fall into the category of ‘arts and crafts’. In a world that wants you to be one thing, be yourself. Infinitely yourself. Be so yourself that others can’t be anything else but themselves around you. Creativity is something that comes from within, so I think staying true to yourself is the most creative thing you can do. Being ‘you’ can mean one thing one day and another the next. 

You’re a blank canvas. Go bananas with the oil paints! 

Being vulnerable and laying yourself on the table. Whether you’re a songwriter, painter, poet, author, illustrator, photographer, film maker n on goes the list, you’ve shown the world (or a little bit of the world) a side of your soul that can only be expressed in that capacity. Here’s where the gal power slice comes in… 

Bigging each other up as women is huuuugely important. Not truly believing in each other is such a massive problem. Being creative, if you identify as a woman, can often be viewed as an easy and obvious thing to be. Men take control of the big work, the money and the status. Women are ‘born with’ a sense of creativity that they use for trivial and fairly meaningless endeavours. That’s the stereotype, right? At least, from my perspective that’s how society views it. When a man is vulnerable, be that in the form of song or another form of art, he is applauded for opening up and sharing. When a woman is vulnerable she is told to reign it in, or she is just overlooked as being artistic and open as that’s how she is expected to be. 

AS GROOVY LADIES, we need to back each other up and make the absolute hugest deal about our every accomplishment. 

We spend so much of our lives justifying our existence. So, when we’re brave enough to wear that outrageous coat, paint that oil painting of a naked lady, create a provocative sculpture, sing a heartfelt and vulnerable song, write a book about our female experience, ANYTHING, that’s a MASSIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT. To be proud of something we’re expected to be good at anyway is hard. What we need to do is find power in creativity. By finding what makes us tick, what drives us forward and what makes us feel most like ourselves. It’s one of the strongest things we can do. 

Revolving around work and studying and more work and money and paying bills, creating something amazing is an incredible thing to be able to do. Create some art, create some fashion, create some music, create a book, create a cause, create an impression, create yourself. 

Let your creativity say: “I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.” 

Make your mark n make it big.

Big love, always

Hope x x x x x

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