Hope's Haven: Girl power & loving yo'self

Hope's Haven: Girl power & loving yo'self

For the last post in my ‘gal power’ trilogy, I just wanted to try to empower other gals the way I’ve been myself. I’ve collected some iced gems of wisdom over my nearly 22 years on the earth and some of this shit, I really wish I’d learnt sooner. 

Let’s start with my morning routine. 

I’ve spoken about body positivity before, and I’ve found over the past year or so that waking up and having a good old naked boogie in the mirror (pre or post shower) really helps get me in the zone of “I bloody well love myself”. I know our bodies can be scary, especially when they’re going through certain things, but learning to love where you’re at is so important. Being best friends with ya body is my number 1 top tip. Also, with this knockout playlist, you’re set for a Monday morning dance off with you and your reflection. 

1. ‘Think’ by Aretha Franklin

2. ‘Lady Powers’ by Vera Blue

3. ‘Screwed’ by Janelle Monáe

4. ‘Proud Mary’ by Tina Turner

5. ‘Dream’ by Etta James

6. ‘Mama Said’ by The Shirelles

7. ‘WOMAN’ by Andreya Triana

8. ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ by Fergie

9. ‘thank u, next’ by Ariana Grande


Second, I’d go female friendships. Over the years (especially at sixth form) I had a group of gals who did nothing but bitch. We’d feel like the closest team in the world and then BAM, nope, just not the case. So after I went to uni, I learnt to appreciate my male friends way more. I know it sounds classic but they looked after me and didn’t take any emotional rubbish when I was being over the top or irrational. But after my first year, I started to really miss being emotionally vulnerable and just having a sister in someone. Reconnecting with my closest gal pals was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Getting the ‘I don’t agree with what you’re doing but I’m gonna support you no matter what’ is something that I live for. Your gals will know what you deserve and what you need to go through to understand it yourself. They’ll get that sometimes you need to act your age n be reckless, and then they’ll bring you down to earth when you’re hurting yourself. Gal pals make the world go round.

Número tres. Don’t back down.

If you ever work in an environment where you get to put your ideas forward, and you’re in a male dominated space, you might feel like you need to stay quiet. DON’T DO THAT. I’ve only just stepped foot into the world of work, and I made sure that my voice got heard in a space that was overpowered by those more experienced than me. IT PAYS OFF. Speak loud and be assertive (not rude) and reap the rewards, beeeeeeeetch.

For number four, let’s go self-care. I know that it’s cliché and typical, and there are a million books out there saying the same thing but I couldn’t believe in this shit more. We put other people before ourselves and think that’s it’s fine. IT IS NOT. We live in a world where being selfish is confused with self-care ALL THE BLOODY TIME. No. I think ditching your phone and being inaccessible for a month is okay. I think spending £50 on skin care products is okay. I think going to the gym or eating an entire Victoria sponge is okay. I think if it makes you feel good and isn’t hurting you or anyone else, DO IT. In a world where everyone is one text away, take a step back and do you for a bit. You deserve it after mothering the whole world. 

Last but by no means least, be impulsive.

Jump from thing to thing like there’s no tomorrow. Take that job abroad, paint that erotic painting, get that piercing or tattoo, shave your head, go on that night out even though you have work at 6am, plan things 7 months ahead and 2 minutes in advance, go to that dance class even though you have no rhythm, say hello to that funky looking girl n try to be her friend. Life can be so overwhelming and can shock you with a sudden end (not to sound too pessimistic) so trust me when I say, you’ll feel a lot more sure of yourself if you know you’ve done everything you can to make your life as worthwhile as possible for yourself and the  people around you.

Big love always, n thank you for coming on my gal power journey with me.

Love Hope x x x x x


Self-employed, self-empowered: costume maker

Self-employed, self-empowered: costume maker

But today, I am Blue

But today, I am Blue