Lovely ladies and pastel plants, all the way from Los Angeles

Lovely ladies and pastel plants, all the way from Los Angeles

Frizz was super excited when contacted by the incredible Erin Bradley, a motion graphics artist and illustrator from LA. It’s insane that Frizz is managing to meet people who are all the way from LOS ANGELES (!!!), but also amazing that we are lucky enough to feature someone who’s work is as delicate, thoughtful and special as Erin’s. Scroll on to delve into Erin’s muted world of ethereal ladies and pastel plants, and find out about her influences, inspirations, and the trials and tribulations that come with working as a freelance creative.

You can see Erin’s showreel and portfolio here and follow her on Instagram here.


Your favourite place to go for inspiration?

If I'm feeling stuck or having a creativity block I need to just take some time away. A hike with my dogs or just hanging out outside. Doing something out of my home and in nature always gets me in the right headspace when I am ready to dive back in. I had been feeling pretty low and uninspired with my art last year, and I ended up taking a month off and going on a solo trip to Portugal. I got back and made more art in that first month than I had in the whole year and I've been going strong since. Just getting new life experiences & going new places has been my best inspiration. 

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The best thing about freelance?

The flexibility. Work/life balance is a really high priority for me, and I think everyone makes better work with better balance. I usually get to work where/when I want and hang out with my dogs all day. I also have more control over what I get to work on and who I work with. 

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The worst thing about freelance?

The uncertainty. It can get a little disheartening when you go a period without getting work or getting turned down for gigs, and it can cause a lot of stress. Imposter syndrome is REAL, and I've found it can really get to you when you work alone at home all the time. It's important to keep practicing, churning out work, and getting it out into the world even when you aren't getting paid, and just remember that more work will always come. 

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Favourite colour palette?

I don't have a really set palette lately, but I like to use a limited palette and usually with muted colors.

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Dream collaboration?

I am super inspired by work from a lot of the women in this industry - so really any collaboration that brings together different women artists is a dream! I'd love to work with people who have a totally different style than me and see how we could mesh. 

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Dream project?

I want to eventually illustrate and animate my own short film. I'm trying to beef up some more of my skills and hopefully dive into that this year.

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